Auto Backup Automatic Backup from computer

Auto Backup

Auto Backup utility will take automatic backups from your choosen location to desired destinations like Local, Network, FTP Server, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc

Protect your data from virus, corrouption, harddisk failure, data loss, any type of crash, fire

Features of Auto Backup

  • Automatic Process, No Manual Input Required
  • Multiple Backups to different locations
  • Backups for Any Software Data like Tally, SQL, Access or any other database
  • Backups for Any Files like Outlook, Work, Excel, PDF, Notepad and many more
  • Backup to Google Drive
  • Backup to Amazon S3
  • Backup to FTP Server
  • Backup to Local System
  • Backup to Network System
  • Easy to Configure
Auto Backup
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